Month: July 2017

I’m Back?

So, here I am again, trying to blog. I’m sure many of you have no idea I had a blog with the same name until about 10 years ago. I’m putting this up on a very plain site. I plan on changing the site – making a logo, some shitty graphic with the site name in it. I’ll probably do it all web 2.0 style with fake reflections, glass, and a not quite right 3D effect. Not because I am being retro or ironic, mostly because that is all I remember how to do. Shit, my blogging days were during the years when Facebook was just a competitor of MySpace. Most people don’t remember MySpace, or at least pretend they don’t. It’s that freaky lover you had for a few months, you had fun at the time. But now you just want to forget that whole episode ever existed.  Twitter launched and was a little site, Instagram was 3 years away from starting up, Snapchat was 4 years away.  Hell, when I started blogging Flickr (if you remember that site) was mainly used as a chatroom for an MMO. Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to think these websites were always there. The internet seems to have a weird affect on time. Which search engine did you use before Google? Did you use Yahoo? AltaVista? Ask Jeeves? DogPile? Excite? Lycos? WebCrawler? AOL Search? Me, I was an AltaVista guy. I think I heard of Google in 1998, maybe 1999. How could it compare to AltaVista? I’m sure in just a few years some of these sites that are huge now, and/or IPOing will be barely remembered. Just today Redfin  (which I had not heard of till today, it’s some sort of real estate site) IPO’d. Recently it was Blue Apron ( a cooking site? Right now their stock is way down.)  I guess my point is that the internet (interwebs, series of tubes that runs on cats, whatever you want to call it) seems to have quite the selective memory. Some sites people remember, some get forgotten. It’s the way of the ‘net. 

A lot of the quirky, crazy sites that used to be on GeoCities , Angelfire, or Tripod died only to be reborn on Tumblr or some other site. I remember a site called Cat-Scan that I think was started by Cliff Bleszinski (famous for heling develop the game Unreal.) That site had scans of cats sitting, or being held on a flatbed scanner.

Allow me to use a stolen catchphrase: “But, I digress…” 

Really, is it a digression, if you didn’t have a point to begin with?

I’ll see if I can keep this up, posting my ramblings again, my disjointed digressions.

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