Popular bands

There are some bands that are rather popular (or were) that I just am not a fan of. When I tell people I don’t like these bands, usually they think I’m joking or just flat out don’t believe me. And for these bands I’m going to list, I understand they influenced bands I like or changed music, but I’m not a fan of these bands.

1. The beatles – I understand that they had a big influence on bands I like. Some of their songs are ok, I guess. For the most part, I’m not a fan. I’d be hard pressed to name an album of theirs or a song that was not in a movie.

2. Nirvana – yeah, I guess they were influential, but the only song I half way liked was teen spirit. I was not into their ‘sound’ at all. I liked some grunge stuff from other bands, just not nirvana.

3. Radiohead – I thought creep was an ok song when it came out. For many years after that, I heard nothing else from them. Nor have I really heard any of thier other songs. I think I tried to listen to a song once, but I couldn’t get into it. Apparently they have a big following online.

My taste in music is really different from these bands. But I understand how some of them were influential in music. Those are some of the bands I don’t care for that people can’t believe or freak out when I tell them.

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